I have chosen this as my very first techonolgy review item. I will start with a little bit of background here. I started this search in an I-PAD alternative and thought I would share my finding here.

In looking at varios different options I started to narrow in on the Android OS as a possible alternative. I came to this after a great experience with my mobile phone. The touch screen was great and very responsive. It made me realize that maybe Android was a competitor after all.

Ok now to this device. I purchased this device on Amazon.com and thought I would give it a try. The specs looked very impressive, and some of the comments about the device were very convincing.

Tech Specs:
- Display: 10.2" TFT Touch Screen
(1024 x 600 resolution)
- OS: Android 2.1
- Processor: FlyTouch ARM11 1Ghz
- RAM: 256MB DDR2
- WiFi Enabled
- Internal Hard Drive: 2GB Flash
- 2 x TF slots for expansion (supports MicroSD 32GB max)
- 2 x USB 2.0
- Mini HDMI
- DC Jack
- 3.5mm Headphone/Line-Out
- RJ45 Ethernet
- Size (LWH): 10.5 inches, 0.5 inches, 6.5 inches
- Weight: 3 pounds

Product Description (From Amazon)
This magnificent 10.2 inch Android Superpad keeps you connected and entertained everywhere you go! The touch screen Superpad Google Android comes with a built in webcam for video chat, Wifi, and numerous cable ports, including two micro SD slots which support up to 32GB (16gb per slot, sold separately), two USB sockets (for key board/mouse/USB flash disk), an audio jack, one HDMI socket, one RJ45 socket (Ethernet) for super-fast wired internet connection. It includes a built in GPS chip, which allows the Superpad to be used as a GPS device. Maps can be purchased online and downloaded to the Superpad, making it a superb 10.2" navigator! Along with touch screen, it comes with a digital pen that can be used for drawing or note taking. The Android 2.1 software delivers multi touch capabilities and access to watching videos, playing games, and browsing the web.

My Thoughts:
I purchased this device and feel a little mis-lead. Although if you look at the specs it does NOT say "MULTI-TOUCH" but read the description it says Android 2.1 (which this unit has) allows multi-touch... Well.. yes Android 2.1 does "allow" for it... but the device also needs to "support" it, which this device does NOT...

Unfortunately multi-touch is HUGE when it comes to the benifit of these devices. Without it you can not zoom in and out easily (you have to use the +/- zoom to do that... just does not work smoothly. I would say NOOOO comparison to the I-PAD.. The I-PAD multi-touch is sooo smooth and the screen is super clear. This machine the touch is ... ok (not great) and the screen is readable... but not great.

GPS... ha... well yes it has a "connector" and an external antenna/receiver... not very usable for the portable market... I have an Android phone that has GREAT GPS in a much smaller size than this thing... they couldn't fit it in ??? come on ..

Charging.... uuuuugh... come on USB charging has been around forEVER guys.... this propriotary charger is horrible..

Didn't notice this at first ..but NO BLUETOOTH either....

The ports are great.. haven't tried them all yet but the ethernet works, microSD and usb works for thumbdrive, mouse and keyboard. I even used a wireless dongle for a wireless keyboard and mouse.. Worked GREAT.

- A Crystal clear screen
- Multi-touch
- GPS built in (don't want to carry a receiver around)
- Super sensitive touch response
- 3G via SIM card
- A standard usb charger
- A bluetooth option

- Extra storage / removable storage
- Multiple Internet conn. options (wifi,ethernet,3G via modem)
- To check email
- To test / play with apps
- A cheap Internet Tablet for kitchen/kids
- To plug in mouse/keyboard

works very well with mouse and keyboard (just wish it was bluetooth)

The unit is much better than other Android Tabs I have seen... but I think there are better yet to come especially with Android 3.0 release